5 things to consider when choosing a personal trainer

Written by Jared Adams
Bushido Strength Hub

“Qualifications alone don’t always equal results. Look for a coach that either walks the walk, is able to produce consistent results or better yet, both. This is a good sign they are able to overcome the obstacles you will almost definitely face on the way to your goals.”

Jared Adams, Bushido Strength Hub

  1. Does the personal trainer or coach’s style of training suit you?

I’ve had clients that don’t enjoy my methodology. It’s a recipe for friction down the track and mostly due to a lack of understanding or explanation about your plan. When you haven’t bought into your own plan you’re unlikely to see it through.

This doesn’t mean firing your coach because they prescribe you less carbohydrates or recommend cutting back on energy drinks.

Your plan needs to be something you can not only execute but be excited about. 

  1. Are you prepared to share your real goals or motivations?

Your goals may require more than just a piece of paper with a generic exercise selection and nutrition plan. If this were the case you could employ Google for free. As a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach it helps to understand the whole picture.

By sharing your goals and motivations your trainer or coach can use their experience to develop the right training and nutrition plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

  1. Are you paying for quality or quantity?

The professional fees you pay a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach isn’t directly linked to the value they provide. Fitness professionals set their own fees and are often in-line with their qualifications and experience.

Consider why it is you need a personal trainer. Is it to supervise your movements or to coach you to your goals?

With knowledge and experience your personal trainer or coach can help spend less time on problem solving to help you implement proven and established strategies to help you reach your goals sooner.

  1. What will your personal trainer or coach teach you?

The goal of a coach is to educate. You should be able to ask questions and either have those questions answered or be supported to get the answers from a professional with that expertise. Your role as the client should be to have an open mind to information that might sit outside your belief system.

Let’s assume you’ve considered the above points and found yourself a personal trainer or coach of interest. Have you asked yourself why you’re seeking them out in the first place? Is it because what you’ve done in the past hasn’t given you the result you were after?

Stepping outside your comfort zone with your personal trainer or coach might just be the formula you needed to reach your goals.

  1. How will your personal trainer or coach measure your results?

Look for a personal trainer or coach that measures your results in more ways than one. Weight loss might be the initial reason you want a personal trainer or coach however weight loss is the result you get when you accurately and consistently measure all variables of your fitness journey.

Your personal trainer or coach should be helping you with this. In doing so, they are able to predict and plan for weeks in advance rather than guess when that next birthday or wedding is. These measurements should include any or all of the following:

  • exercise plan 
  • nutritional guidance and fluid intake
  • Supplementation
  • sleep tracking
  • scale weight
  • body fat assessments using measures like skinfold tests, bio-electrical impedance analysis or bioimpedance analysis (BIA), photos, etc)
  • recovery using measure like heart rate variability (HRV) and resting heart rate (RHR).

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Can I claim personal training with my health insurance?

To find out how you might be able to claim the costs of personal training or gym memberships with your health insurance speak with a member of the Care To Compare team on 1300 76 76 00.