Weight training for weight loss

Written by Jared Adams
Bushido Strength Hub

“Weight or fat loss is one of the most common reasons that motivates people to seek the help of a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach. By working together we can help find a solution to achieve your goals that fits with your lifestyle “

Jared Adams, Bushido Strength Hub

Weight training or resistance training both have some key benefits over a more traditional approach to weight loss like focusing on just basic activities like running, cycling and swimming alone.

Some might consider using the ‘energy in vs energy out’ approach to help lose weight where the goal is to expend more calories than you consume.

With an entry level fitness tracker and a basic understanding of calories you could monitor daily energy intake and energy out. This approach alone can make you feel stuck with a constant cycle of monitoring.

While you can modify the intensity of physical activity, monitoring energy in and out alone create times when you are running 7 days each week to make up for those extra treats during the week.

What if there was a more sustainable way of keeping the weight off? Or something that you could use in conjunction with this approach?

The great news – there is an alternative.

By training with resistance or weights you can develop more muscle. The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate (RMR) – that’s how many calories your body requires to function at rest.

Your resting metabolic rate accounts for around 60-75% of total energy expenditure and that’s before you add any weight training sessions.

This approach can provide a more sustainable way to help you keep your weight down long term.

As you grow muscle your body needs more calories just to hit the baseline of 60-75%.

Following weight training your RMR is increased for up to 8 hours to help with nutrient uptake and restoration of the muscles used during training.

So what’s the perfect exercise plan?

Everyone will have different needs and abilities that should be considered in developing an exercise plan.

As a guide, 10 to 12 repetitions seems to be the golden range. You should aim to progress the intensity of these movements each week with increased weight, repetitions or total sets to ensure a progressive overload. This gives your muscles what they need to continue to grow and in turn, store more energy.

This is not to say this is the best way to approach your weight loss, simply that weight training can very well be complimented with a traditional approach for additional cardiovascular health or simply some active recovery 

Need help to create your perfect exercise plan?

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Did you know that some health funds offer rebates for personal training to support healthy lifestyles?

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