Family health insurance

Getting private health insurance can be good for you and your community. When you compare and buy health insurance with us you’ll get a health insurance policy to meet your health needs. We also give 100% of our profits to our charity partners.


Parents often enjoy the simplicity of having their loved ones covered under the one policy. Family health insurance policies generally cover two adults and any children until they turn 21 (or 25 if the child is a full time student).

What should I consider when getting private health insurance?

Here are the top 3 things to consider when speaking with one of our health insurance advisors:

  • Stage of life – are you getting married, divorced, having children, retiring?
  • Family health – are there any pre-existing or family health conditions you want to be covered for like heart and vascular or cataracts?
  • Budget – how much can you afford to pay and do you need just hospital cover?

What are the financial incentives to get health insurance?

There are a number of incentives you may be eligible for. They include:

what happens when my child turns 25?

Once your child is 25 years old they will generally be classified as an independent adult even if they are still a full time student. This means they won’t be covered under your health insurance policy.

Our team can help you and your adult children consider what health insurance policy options to maintain cover.