Frequently Asked Questions

Will I pay more when I use CARE TO COMPARE instead of direct with the insurer?

No. The price you pay when buying through our website is the same price offered directly with the insurer.

Why can't I compare health insurance policies now?

We haven't launched yet. Until we launch we would love for you to register your email address with us so we can let you know when you can compare health insurance policies.

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How does CARE TO COMPARE work?

We are committed to helping you choose the right private health insurance policy to meet your needs. Our website helps you search available health insurance policies from our health insurance partners. By answering a few questions we can provide a short list of suitable health insurance policies that best match the features you want.

Which charities do you support?

We will support Australian health charities and not-for-profits that actively work to reduce the burden of disease by delivering prevention and support programs.

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Which health funds do you compare?

We look forward to announcing the private health insurers that partner with us and share our vision.

How does CARE TO COMPARE make money?

We receive a commission from the health insurer when you buy a policy through our website. We are committed to distributing 100% of our profits to our nominated charity partners.

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