Our Advisory Team

We would like to thank the following advisors who have supported our journey.

Dr Matt Corbin
Dr Matt corbin

Dr Matt Corbin is Owner of Six Core Outcomes and is a registered Osteopath. Like you, Matt believes that every choice can make a difference. That’s why he’s here to help our community with the fundamentals of function for optimal health. Matt’s goal as an osteopath will always be to get as many people actively involved in their health as possible, within their individual capacity. Education is hugely important to him and loves it when patients can leave each treatment session with a new skill or increased confidence in managing their own health and well-being.


Dr. James B graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Dentistry) / Master of Dentistry from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. With a strong interest in dento-facial aesthetics, Dr. James B has undergone facial injectables training. He is the founder of &Aesthetics – “Home of Healthy Beauty” offering cosmetic dentistry, injectables and skincare, as well as being a dental clinic owner. Dr. James B aims to give you optimum confidence by looking beyond the mouth, to facial features and aesthetics that frame your smile. Dr. James B continues to study, regularly attending webinars, CPD lectures and has also completed a post-graduate diploma in orthodontics and clear aligners.

Jared Adams
Strength & Conditioning
Jared Adams
Bushido Strength Hub

Jared is our resident Strength & Conditioning Coach. He has a passion for helping others achieve a happy healthy relationship with food and exercise. His problem solving mindset is what supports the success of everyone he works with. Jared’s knowledge and experience has been developed over more than 10 years working coaching individuals and fitness competitors one-on-one as well as group strength and conditioning classes. He is committed to continually building his knowledge of movement, strength progression, fat loss and muscle development to ensure the success of every client he works with.

Jasmin Kostov
Infant and Child Sleep Coach

Jasmin Kostov is a registered Midwife, Nurse, Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Infant and Child Sleep Coach and Mum. Jasmin has more than 10 years experience working with children and families in a range of roles. Jasmin is passionate about normalising infant and child sleep and supporting families to navigate their little one’s sleep from birth to 5 years of age.