Our impact


We’ve donated a total of $2,650 to our charity partners. Every time we distribute our profits each charity receives an equal amount.


Skilled volunteers play a critical role in the impact we are creating. The contributions of our skilled volunteers significantly reduce our expenses so we can donate more to our charity partners.


We value the contributions of our skilled volunteers. Without their contributions our expenses would increase and our donations to our charity partners would be less.

“It just makes sense

“As a HR Consultant it’s important to me to have socially responsible choices when it comes to benefits offerings for team members. Services like Care To Compare, that give back 100% back to charities, just makes sense.

Employees are increasingly demanding that employers are walking the talk, being socially responsible and demonstrating their impact through the businesses they support. Care To Compare provides an easy platform for employees to increase their personal and collective social impact by reviewing and purchasing health insurance through a social enterprise.”

Leanne Hart | Hart2heart Consulting
Passionate about social responsibility and purpose-driven organisations that are making a difference in the world.

Backed by kindness

Thanks to the Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) we have an amazing community of volunteers dedicated to social impact.

RHoK is a community of technologists who solve problems for purpose-driven organisations.

We absolutely love working with the RHoK community. What’s not to love? They’re a passionate group of people with some time and talent to give!

Know purpose-driven organisation needing some technological help?

Get in touch with the team at RHoK.

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