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Doing business for good. Why?

CARE TO COMPARE was created to establish a new and sustainable revenue stream for health charities while helping them to diversify their revenue sources.

Health insurers present attractive partnership and sponsorship opportunities for health charities however competition for funding support is high, has limited budgets and priorities may change.

Creating a health insurance comparison service where 100% of profits are distributed to its Health Charity Partners:

  • helps health charities receive unrestricted funding to cover essential business costs and maintain free prevention and support programs
  • creates a broader relationship for the charities and health insurers  and enhances the collective benefits
  • enables the health insurers to increase their social impact beyond corporate social responsibility by leveraging the impact of CARE TO COMPARE.

The article, the book and the holiday that helped create CARE TO COMPARE

Hello, I’m Roberto the founder of CARE TO COMPARE.

While researching insurers for work, I read an Australian Financial Review (AFR) article about the revenue and market share of iSelect. It was 2 days before my Easter 2016 break and  at the same time the team at Thankyou launched Chapter One. (It’s a great and inspiring read.)

Packed, ready for relaxation and sun I wasn’t going to take my laptop with me but I still had the AFR article on my mind so I chucked it in my bag along with Thankyou's Chapter One. Maybe it was the change of environment and no distractions but I couldn’t put Chapter One down. After a couple of days I’d finished the book feeling I had the power to change stuff. Ten days later, I returned home with a 17 page document outlining the social enterprise business model and market research.


The weekend that turned an idea into reality

Twelve months later I met the team at Random Hacks of Kindness (thanks Erica for the intro). I pitched them my idea and a few weeks later they accepted me as a Changemaker for the Winter Hack, June 2017. Normally they work with existing social enterprise and charities but they took a punt on my idea

My opening pitch for RHoK's Winter Hack is a great overview of where we were starting from - just a guy with an idea. This idea was all I had to motivate a roomful of volunteers to join my team. The hack was incredible. Initially afraid that no-one would share my vision, I  was humbled when 8 people formed Team #Care-To-Compare. Read more about the RHoK hack experience.

I didn't know what we might deliver over the weekend, but less than 36 hours later my amazing team had created a sketch prototype with a basic click through. This was a significant milestone and provided more motivation to keep up the momentum.

And that brings us to here, the beginnings of our website so we can share our vision with you while we keep working in the background to create the vision.

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