Our story

an update from the Founder and Board

Five years ago, I created Care To Compare to help Australian charities increase the impact they have in the communities they serve.

The concept was simple; an online platform that allows consumers to compare and select services like private health insurance, with the commissions earned being donated to organisations that improve the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Recognising that everyday choices can make a difference, my vision was that if every Australian appointed their personal services, from insurance to utilities, through Care To Compare, it would have a positive, game-changing impact on the community.

Since 2016, Care To Compare has brought together like-minded people who shared this vision.

Where to from here?

The Board and I had ambitious plans to grow our reach and increase our impact by generating more commissions to donate. 

Officially launching in August 2020, the headwinds of the pandemic and resulting economic and environmental factors have made it increasingly difficult for Care To Compare to gain traction and achieve the scale required to fulfil our original mission.  

After a thorough review of our capacity to continue to support these plans in a voluntary capacity, the Founder and Board have decided that it’s time to close this chapter of the Care To Compare story and celebrate the contributions to date.

Care To Compare received more than 1,400 hours from skilled volunteers, valued at over $65,000 to take Care To Compare from an idea to a functioning reality. The Board and I are incredibly proud of donating $16,150 to charity.

On behalf of the Board and those who share our vision, we say thank you.

We welcome all changemakers inspired by the possibilities of our vision that everyday choice can make a difference to connect with us, learn from our experience and create lasting impact.

Thank you

Roberto, Founder