Pregnancy cover

Did you know that free pregnancy care in a public hospital or birth centre is covered by Medicare? However if you prefer to have private obstetric care in a private or public hospital you will need a private health insurance policy that covers you for pregnancy. That is unless you want to pay the private care fees entirely by yourself.

How soon should I take out private health insurance for pregnancy?

Most health funds will have a 12-month waiting period before you can claim for pregnancy-related expenses.

What should I consider before taking out private health insurance for pregnancy cover?

Our team are here to help you understand what care and cover you may need. Here are a few things to consider to get started:

  • compare family and single health insurance policies that cover you for pregnancy or obstetrics services
  • find a policy that meets your monthly budget and has an excess you can afford to pay
  • understand what services you may require before, during and after the birth of your baby
  • is it worth keeping your partners health insurance seperate until after the delivery of your baby

What level of cover should I look for?

The Australian Government sets guidelines for what services need to be covered in each private hospital insurance tier.

The Gold tier hospital policies are required to include pregnancy and birth however some health funds might include pregnancy and birth in a Silver Plus tier.

Our team can help you understand the difference between these policies to empower you to choose the policy that is right for you.