Singles health insurance

Getting private health insurance can be good for you and your community. When you compare and buy health insurance with us you’ll get a health insurance policy to meet your health needs. We also give 100% of our profits to our charity partners.

Why should I get health insurance as a single person?

People with private health insurance like knowing they can:

  • avoid long hospital waiting lists
  • choose their own private doctor or surgeon
  • access private hospital rooms
  • claim rebates for non-Medicare items like dental, optical, physiotherapy and chiropractic.

What are the financial incentives to get health insurance?

There are a number of incentives you may be eligible for. They include:

What should I consider when getting private health insurance?

Here are the top 3 things to consider when speaking with one of our health insurance advisors:

  • Stage of life – are you getting married, divorced, having children, retiring?
  • Family health – are there any pre-existing or family health conditions you want to be covered for like heart and vascular or cataracts?
  • Budget – how much can you afford to pay and do you need just hospital cover?

Can I still maintain a sepArate policy to my partner?

Yes. Ask our health insurance advisors if this may be a cheaper alternative to combining your policy with your partners.