Teeth whitening options

“My role as a dentist is to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. The best way to do that is with a treatment plant that is personally tailored to you, and works within your budget.”

Dr James Bartalotta

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental treatments requested by patients. Many patients don’t consult with their dentist before whitening their teeth and that can lead to less than optimal results.

What are my options for whiter teeth?

When it comes to whitening your natural teeth there are different options available.

  • In-chair whitening where your dentist will fast track the tooth whitening. This process usually takes about an hour in a single visit. Your dentist can provide you with a take-home kit to help maintain your glowing smile.
  • At-home whitening where your dentist will fit you for a kit that is custom to your teeth. This process usually takes around 7-14 days to reach.

What should I do before whitening my teeth?

Visit your dentist for an oral-health check up and discuss your teeth whitening options.

During your oral-health check up your dentist will be able to highlight any issues you may encounter during teeth whitening. Issues like untreated gum disease, untreated tooth decay and plaque build up may impact the results you want to achieve from teeth whitening.

How long will whitening last?

Great oral hygiene and regular visits with your dentist can help maintain the whitening for years. The colour of your teeth can change depending on what you put in your mouth.

When discolouration occurs a simple touch-up of your whitening can help you regain a brighter smile. Ask your dentist what solution is best for you.

What causes discoloured teeth?

Did you know that some people are born with yellowish teeth or that your teeth can yellow as they age?

The main reason your teeth change colour is the result of what you put in your mouth. Tea, coffee, red wine and smoking can all change the colour of your teeth. Even dark coloured foods like beetroot, mulberries, blackberries and cherries can also stain your teeth. Unfortunately the more you eat of these types of foods the more impact in can have on the colour of your teeth.

There are some medications that also make your teeth look yellow or stained.

Your dentist can help you identify what options to whiten your teeth will work best for you.

Is teeth whitening the right for me?

A dental examination with your dentist will help confirm what teeth whitening options are best for you.

Your dentist will let you know if there is an underlying problem that needs to be addressed before you begin teeth whitening.

Some people may have gum or tooth sensitivity which can mean that some products used in teeth whitening should be avoided.

If you have any crowns or veneers your dentist will know what options are best for you.

Some health funds may cover up teeth whitening as a dental procedure as part of your Extras Cover. Your dentist can provide you with itemised codes of your treatment. Your health fund can use these codes to let you know your level of cover and rebate that will apply.

Can I get a health insurance rebate for teeth whitening?

The team at Care To Compare can help you compare your current health insurance policy against any health fund available in Australia. You can speak with a member of the Care To Compare team on 1300 76 76 00 to find out more.